• Birdie 24 - Calypso
  • Dragonfly 25
  • Comfort 30 - Isabela
  • Albin Express Racing
  • Albin Viggen
  • Albin Vega
  • Albin 78 Cirrus
  • Prindle 19
  • Maxi 77
  • Maxi 84
  • Viggen - Greta Garbo
    Albin Viggen Komfort
  • Maxi 84
  • Stockholms skärgård
  • Albin Express Cruising
  • Stockholms skärgård
  • Stockholms skärgård
  • Bellona 23
  • Arabesque 32 Long Range

Welcome to Sail Stockholm

Charter sail boat in Stockholm archipelago. With us you can charter sail boats for sailing in Stockholm archipelago. Cruise between 30 000 islands in Stockholm archipelago. We have 22 classic swedish built boats available for charter. They range from 6 to 10 meters in length so you will always find something that suits your experience and need for comfort. Season starts in april and lasts until october, however best months are July and August.

The base is located in Vaxholm, Säbyviken, just 20 minutes by bus from Stockholm. From here you’ll have a quick access to the archipelago. The allemansrätt gives you access to almost all islands and in the archipelago you moor with the front to land.



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